Conference organisation

Conference and workshop organisation

2018 Programme committee IMM, Budapest, Hungary
2017 Convenor PopLang, Lyon, France (with Vincent Arnaud, Morgane Bergot, François Pellegrino, Laurent Pujo-Menjouet, Léon Matar Tine)
2017 Organiser CoNNL shared task on morphological reinflection, co-located with the ACL, Vancouver, Canada (with R. Cotterell, J. Eisner, M. Faruqui, J. Sylak-Glassman, M. Hulden, C. Kirov, S. Kübler, E. Vylomova, Patrick Xia, David Yarowsky)
2017 Programme committee ParadigMo-2017, Toulouse, France, June 2017
2016 Convenor AnaMorphoSys, Lyon, France (with Gregory T. Stump)
2016 Convenor Workshop on Linguistic Complexity, Lyon, France (with Noëllie Bon, Kris Lund, François Pellegrino, Véronique Traverso)
2016 Programme committee CMDTM, Vienna, Austria
2015 Convenor System Typology workshop at the ALT, Albuquerque, USA (with J.P. Blevins)
2011 Scientific committee WoSS8, Paris, France
2010 Organising committee 17th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG), Paris, France
2009 Organising committee Journées Sémantique et Modélisation (JSM), Paris, France
2008 Organising committee ConSOLE XVI, Paris, France
2007 Organising committee Colloque Syntaxe et Sémantique de Paris (CSSP), Paris, France