Participation in research projects

2016-2019: Projekt Tuatschin

Swiss SNF research project on the acquisition of the Romansh dialect Tuatschin. Co-headed by Prof. Michele Loporcaro (Department of Romance Studies) and Prof. Sabine Stoll (Department of Comparative Linguistics)

2016-2018: Modélisation de la compétition entre langues

Project on mathematical modelling of ecological and linguistic factors in the competition between languages in contact. Co-headed by Dr. Morgane Bergot (Department of Mathematics, Université Claude Bernard, Lyon 1) and Dr. Géraldine Walther (University of Zurich).

2014-2018: TUL: Les questionnaires en typologie

“Questionaires within typology: survey, analysis, development, and epistemological questioning” Headed by Dr. Aimée Lahaussois (HTL, CNRS), Paris, France.

2012-2013: IARPA Project: BABEL Program

External consultant on problems related to morphological analysis within the subproject Lorelei on automatic morphological modelling headed by Dr. Owen Rambow Columbia University, USA, and Prof. Nizar Habash, New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE.

2011-2012: ANR EDyLex (ANR-09-CORD-008)

“Enrichissement Dynamique de Lexiques” (“Enriching dynamically lexical resources”) Headed by Dr. Benoît Sagot (Alpage, INRIA), Paris, France. January 2010 – August 2013.

2010-2011:ANR/DFG PerGram (ANR/DFG MU 2822/3-1)

“Theory and Implementation of a Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar for Persian” Co-headed by Prof. Pollet Samvelian (Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle) and Prof. Stefan Müller (Freie Universität Berlin), January 2009 – December 2011.